Elizabeth Warren should not be President! Our PAC is focused on educating the public about Warren and her dangerous positions on the issues.

Massachusetts natives Sen. John Kerry and Gov. Michael Dukakis got too close to being elected President. We want to ensure that our Massachusetts electoral problem that produces people like Warren doesn’t have the chance to spread nationwide.

Warren is a far left-wing socialist who should not be in the Senate, never mind The White House. Her presidential ambitions must be stopped. The best way is an educated public.

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Top Ten Reasons to Stop Pocahontas:

  1. Warren is anti-police. She believes they are all racists.
  2. Warren has used campaign finance loopholes to fatten her war chest.
  3. Warren is opposed to building the wall.
  4. Warren wants to abolish ICE.
  5. Millionaire Warren goes after billionaires, but has benefited from Moveon.org.
  6. Warren got paid by big insurance companies to help them get around paying asbestos victims.
  7. Warren supports free college tuition. That’s priceless coming from a Professor who earned $350,000 to teach one class.
  8. Warren wants you to pay more taxes, but she doesn’t pay her fair share in taxes.
  9. She has done nothing for Massachusetts.
  10. Warren lied about her heritage to further her career.

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